I have joined gyms before but never have I enjoyed exercising as much as I do now with Creative Fitness Bootcamp.

Exercising outdoors feels great, it clears the mind and makes you feel alive.

I have never felt so committed to exercise as much as I do now. 


When I first joined with Creative Fitness I felt frumpy and very unfit but I never felt uncomfortable or out of place, all fitness levels are catered to and there is nothing but support and encouragement felt within each class.


I really look forward to doing my 2 bootcamp classes each week and get very upset if i have to miss a class, fortunately there is always a variety of class times to do a make up class.


With the extra energy I felt from doing bootcamp, I now also walk every morning and also felt strong enough to start back at netball, both indoor and outdoor.


Over the last year I have seen my shape transform, by combining exercise with healthy eating I have managed to shed 17kgs to date and would like to reach 20kg by August. I can honestly say I have never felt this healthy and am probably stronger than ever before.


Aleisha knows what I am capable of and knows when to push me to my limits and beyond. I'm still not a great runner but getting there slowly...."I do love running"  lol


Thankyou Creative Fitness for helping to make this new me.











Jo Nicol

Aleisha is terrific! Her Bootcamps are tough, challenging, creative, exhilarating, dynamic and really, really enjoyable.  This balance that Aleisha creates make her bootcamps addictive!


Since starting training with Aleisha I have lost 12kgs. My strength has increased out of sight and my fitness is the best it’s been in years.


I have always exercised and jogged, however now after working out with Aleisha my passion is back, and I am really enjoying all the benefits and results that come with a great workout.


Aleisha is inspiring and encouraging, a fantastic trainer that I would recommend to anyone.


Vanessa Biviano

After having my 3rd Son slowly I felt Myself getting deeper and deeper into a hole. I had put on so much weight, I had no energy and when I did it was to go to the cupboard and eat. I felt Myself starting to get depressed to the point that going outside to kick a ball with my eldest Son was too much effort. I knew then that I needed to do something and change my life.


That's when I met Aleisha. It was one afternoon at School picking up my eldest Son a flyer for 'Aleisha's Bootcamp/Creative Fitness' was being passed out. I took it home with me and showed my Husband. I told him that I think joining may change my life. He was very supportive. The thing I liked about Creative Fitness was that it was Outdoors. If someone had told me to join a gym there would have been no way.


To date, I have lost 15 kilos with still another 10 to go but I have not been this happy for a long time. Aleisha is amazing, she is very supportive and she knows how far I can go, she is right behind me encouraging me. No 2 days are ever the same. I have been there for over 8 months and I can honestly tell you I am not bored. I love going and so does my 2 year old Son. There is a Nanny there so it gives me a chance to give it my best.


My husband could not believe the difference it was all making on my life so he decided to give the free trial class a go & is now hooked on bootcamp & is up to 3 classes a week as he can not get enough, I think he is loving it more than me.


Thanks Aleisha for everything you are truly inspirational!


Lisa Johnson

I started with Aleisha in her boot camp classes at the beginning of 2015, attending 1 day a week with the aim being to increase my fitness levels and lose a bit of weight (after having 3 children within 4.5 years). After a few months I then upped my classes to 2 days a week as I had got engaged and was planning on getting married 5 months later. 


My major aim then was to tone, find my waistline again and get rid of my “back cleavage”.  By the time my big day arrived I had toned the places I wanted to and although I only lost approx. 4kgs, I went down a dress size and was extremely happy with my results.  I love attending Aleisha’s boot camp classes – they are fun, always different but at the same time she certainly works you hard.


Seeing and feeling the results makes the hard work very worthwhile.


Jillian Hennessey

I have been doing boot camp with Aleisha for a year now and decided to increase the intensity of my training to personal training. I didn't hesitate to engage Aleisha.


Aleisha has worked with my husband and myself to help us achieve our individual fitness goals. We can definitely see the results we were aiming to achieve already.


We look forward to going to our training sessions every week and no two sessions are the same. Anyone looking for a personal trainer who is enthusiastic and innovative can't go passed Aleisha . I highly recommend her if it's results you want. 

Sammy Darrigo

I have recently started PT sessions with Aleisha and I'm loving the weekly sessions and the fact that there is a different routine each week, you can tell that she gives it a lot of thought and makes you feel that your her only student.

The one constant that I have found with her is that she pushes you constantly to your limits and her enthusiasm and her energy levels are contagious, even on the early mornings when it's freezing cold...

Amanda Rogers

This woman knows how to teach a brilliant bootcamp - especially the boxing classes (my fav). Aleisha makes me work hard but recognises my limitations and works around these so I still get an amazing workout EVERY single time.

Frances Vidakovic

Simply the best trainer - Aleisha is not only incredibly inspiring (she's super fit and highly knowledgeable about all areas of fitness) but she's also a great motivator and is always encouraging us to work just that bit harder. Nothing better than stepping outside your comfort zone to get more serious results. I absolutely love her and highly recommend her bootcamp classes!

Evelyn Sozou

I started my bootcamp sessions 6 months ago with Aleisha and Creative Fitness. I attend 3 classes a week and love every single one. Each class is always different and full of enthusiastic and encouraging words from Aleisha who is the best trainer I have ever seen. In the 6 months I have been training, I have seen my body change and fitness improve dramatically.


I can't wait to see what 2016 will bring!!




I came across Aleisha's flyer in the mailbox and decided to change up from doing yoga to trying her Bootcamp in an effort to lose my post baby weight. I was a size 8 before falling pregnant and had gone up to a size 12 after giving birth to my son.


The first few classes were really tough but with Aleisha's support, dedication and focus on having fun I soon found myself getting fitter, stronger and best of all lighter. I got back down to a size 8 after just 6mths and am so stoked to be able to fit into my favourite jeans again.


Thanks for pushing me so hard Aleisha, it was definetely worth it...